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Site History

This website has gone through a pretty thorough transition over the course of its lifetime. Initially the site was started in the 2002 as a free clinic society servicing patients, in 2003 the site was bought out and transitioned into a medical insurance selling site. In 2005 it was purchased and transformed into a base for free dental website transitioning into full medical needs thus the name free-clinic fit the bill. In 2015 we purchased the site to continue the history of providing free medical information flowing to the public. We may not be able to provide free medical care to people directly but we certainly can write some information detail that will help to assist the public. First we will get into a bit more detail on the sites history discussing each of the phases that have morphed into today’s vision.

Public Free Clinic Society

In late 2002, The website is created to promote and spread the word or an organization that has been serving Chinese communities for over 27 years. Their claim was to have provided free medical services to well over 2 million patients. The business initially started out as an outpatient clinic to several outpatient clinics. They had at the time 3 total clinics and one mobile clinic to help patients get free care. Their facilities were equipped with the latest equipment and with a growing customer base they status within the communities served as well local government. In 1997 they were recognized and awarded IPC status. Today the public free clinic society is still going strong servicing friends and neighbors.

Affordable Health Care Insurance

From 2003 thru late 2005 the website transitioned into an US based company offering affordable health insurance. Affordable Health Care Insurance was established to help small business owners and employees an opportunity to purchase health care insurance. They offered various levels of insurance that was customized or tailor for the specific business need. With a large portfolio of insurances to choose from you could pick the plan that best fit your individual needs and you financial status. Not only did they offer affordable health insurance but you could also get insurances for other aspects of your life. Insurance plans could be set up for you home, car, life, teeth!! Some of their clients were athletes who would insurance certain critical body parts such as they legs or arm. As with larger businesses their goal was to provide peace of mind to those who did not have coverage and wanted to ensure that they and their loved ones were covered in those cases of emergencies.

Benchen Monastery Free Clinic

In 2005 the site transitioned back into the free clinic arena when it was transformed into the internets location for the Benchen Monastry located in Poland. The Benchen Monastery Free Clinic was established in 1994 to provide services to the monastery and refugees from Nepal and Tibet. The Free Clinic was a partnership between monastery itself and the Himalayan Medical Foundaton. The foundation covered medicine and salary costs while the monastery would cover the costs of the infrastructure and clinic external medical expenses. The free clinic provides general and primary care of patients completely free. There is no cost passed on to its patients for both the care and medicine. When there was conditions that required specialized treatment the free clinic would sponsor the patient so that they could receive the necessary care.

Through donations from private and corporate sponsorships they managed to add Dental Health care to their list of free services provided. Equipment and services were donated by Dental Professionals interested in helping the ever increasing demand for oral care.

Today the free clinic is still in operation treating roughly 50 patients a day and completely run off of donations. They receive donations in the form of both cash as well as equipment. Certainly they are always looking for donations so feel free to search out Benchen Monastery Free Clinic and contribute what you can. Know that every dollar goes towards free medical help in a very valuable way.

Free-Clinic, Blogging Website

In December 2015 the site was bought out by its current owner who has the vision of converting the free clinic idea into flowing free information about health and medical topics. They are currently in the process of providing great content on specific subject that will provide information that helps its readers. They have already created their first blog on Chiropractic care and the benefits of such treatment. The team will be writing a series of articles related to various health topics that will provide the reader with some lesson’s in life. Our goal is to help educate and grow our readers with knowledge. Stay tuned and look for our latest blogs to hit our facebook page. Friend us there and stay current with what we are working to produce for the public.

What a Powerful Journey!

The internet is amazing. The information you can find when you have the right tools. Imagine the history of this site. From early beginnings of a free clinic in China to a free clinic in Poland the number of eyes that have been on this site. Our team here at free-clinic plan to continue to amaze and provide the information that you desire. If there is a subject that you would love for us to create a unique article that has a medical base please feel free to ask. We want to make sure we are providing what you “the consumer” information that helps you and informs others.


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